Tobin Afterschool


Tobin Afterschool has been a friendly, reliable, nurturing and enriching place for my child. The administrative and teaching staff are top-notch. I would recommend this program to any family.

The parent who recommended Tobin to me noted that no matter when you walk in, every child is happy and engaged. In our five years at Tobin, I have found that to be true every single day. The staff does such a great job at providing activities that speak to each child's individuality.

When I think about Tobin Afterschool I think wow, what a great decision.

Tobin Afterschool is a wonderfully enriched place for students to relax, socialize, explore and learn. The program daily offers a lively and diverse collection of subject matter and project choices from cooking to soccer to animal science. The building is always humming with cheerful, friendly activity.

The fact that the program is open until 6:30 is a huge plus! The facilities and staff are awesome!

Our children have been in a Tobin Family of Schools program since 8 months of age. We know the staff genuinely care about and enrich our children's lives in ways we would have never imagined - from cradle rocks to Mandarin Chinese – volunteer days to making sure our kids have mittens for the playground - we are grateful to have this so close to home.

We feel 100% comfortable having our son in your care. Tobin Afterschool offers variety in programming, positive caring staff and a worry free safe environment. You take care of our most precious possession beautifully and we're grateful to be a part of the program.

Great staff, who are very nurturing and give individualized attention to each child, based on their needs.

My daughter loves the afterschool. Sometimes she may not want to go to school, but she always likes Tobin.